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Efekto Basagran 100ml


Selective weed control – Grasses, Nutsedge

Efekto Basagrain 100ml detail

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Bendioxide is a selective post-emergence yellow nutsedge (NOT PURPLE NUTSEDGE or KYLLINGA), broadleaf weed controller in soybeans, dry and snap common beans, peas, lima beans, faba beans, corn (grain, silage, sweet and seed), flax (including low linolenic acid varieties), peanuts, blueberries, turf, spring wheat (excluding durum), snow peas, seedling forage legumes and seedling forage grasses (seed production only for forage legumes and grasses), newly-planted fruit trees - apple, apricot, cherry, peach, pear, nectarine, chilies, paprika and peppers (directed use only) Yellow band-Harmful

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